Mar 27, 8:47 PM   Not much snow here over the last 48 hrs. High elevations still ok.

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Welcome to Bayley-Hazen Road Snowmobile Club

CAUTION! Groomer has the right of way!

***2014/2015 TMA's are for sale***
Click on the "TMA" tab at the top the the homepage to purchase TMA's online, or for details contact our membership chair, Marcia Page by snail mail or email.

Please note that at the VAST annual meeting this year, VAST members approved a $20 increase. This increase was to increase the rates paid to groomers(Last rate increase was approx. 2001) and to add funds to the trail construction budget.

Safety reminder to all riders: PLEASE STAY ON YOUR SIDE OF THE TRAIL! Too many if not the majority of riders cut to the inside of the corners, even on blind 90 degree corners. One person killed or hurt is too many. "Stay right or stay home" Thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you to all of the landowners who are generous enough allow us to use their property for our trails. Without them, we go nowhere!! Your support is greatly appreciated.

We are a snowmobile club based in Peacham, VT since 1968 with trails located in Peacham and Barnet, an area of the NEK known for its beautiful scenery.

Our trails link the popular Groton State forest area with the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail and all other points North.

Monthly club meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month Sept. - June at the clubhouse in E. Peacham. Pot luck supper @6:30 pm with meeting to follow.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, April 9th @ 6:30pm .
Pot luck supper & business meeting starting @ 7:15pm sharp.
Hope to see you there.

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